Pastor Tim Bowen/Galatians 5 Life in the Spirit

Pastor Tim Bowen/Galatians 5 Easy Yoke

Pastor Tim Bowen/Galatians Freedom in Christ

Pastor Tim Bowen/Galatians 2

Pastor Tim Bowen/Galatians 1

Pastor Tim Bowen/Membership

Pastor Tim Bowen/Freedom

Pastor Tim Bowen/Can You Hear His Voice

Pastor Tim Bowen/The New Birth 2

Pastor Tim Bowen/The New Birth

Pastor Tim Bowen/Salvation Intro

Pastor Tim Bowen/Nehemiah 13 Building God’s church God’s way

Pastor Tim Bowen/Nehemiah 13

Pastor Tim Bowen/Nehemiah 11,12

Pastor Tim Bowen/Nehemiah 8,9,10

Pastor Tim Bowen/Nehemiah 7

Pastor Tim Bowen/Nehemiah 6

Pastor Tim Bowen/Nehemiah 5

Pastor Tim Bowen/Nehemiah 4

Pastor Tim Bowen/Time to Make a Change

Pastor Tim Bowen /Nehemiah 3

Pastor Tim Bowen /Nehemiah 2B

Pastor Tim Bowen /Nehemiah 2

Pastor Tim Bowen /Nehemiah 1

Art Buchanan December 4 2016

The Anguish and the Passion / November 6/16 Pastor Tim Bowen

Gordon Hawkes /October 16

Why We are to be Thankful/October 9 2016/Pastor Tim Bowen

God’s Word/September 18 2016/Pastor Tim Bowen

The Accuser/September 11 2016/Pastor Tim Bowen

The Rule/September 4 2016/Pastor Tim Bowen

Art Buchanan/August 28 2016

The Destroyer/August 21 2016/Pastor Tim Bowen

The Deceiver/August 14 2016/Pastor Tim Bowen

Fighting the Good Fight Together/ August 7 2016/Pastor Tim Bowen

Pastor Ron Bowen/July 30 2016

Pastor Ken Ness/ July 24 2016

Spiritual Living /July 17 2016/Pastor Tim Bowen

What does it Mean to Live for God/July 10 2016/Pastor Tim Bowen

A Walk With Peter/July 3 2016/Pastor Tim Bowen

Dying to Christ Part 2/June 12 2016/Pastor Tim Bowen

Dying for Christ/June 5 2016/Pastor Tim Bowen

How to be Conquerors/May 15 2016/Pastor Tim Bowen

The surprise Message/May 8 2016/Art Buchanan

The Power of Forgiveness/May 1 2016/Art Buchanan

Inexpressible Joy/April 17 2016/Pastor Tim Bowen

Good Seed John Cross/April 10 2016

The Purpose/April 3/16 Pastor Tim Bowen

The Picture/Vision March 20/16 Pastor Tim Bowen

The Point March 6/16 Pastor Tim Bowen

Abundant Life Feb 21/16 Pastor Tim Bowen

Transforming Love Feb 14/16/Pastor Tim Bowen

Spiritual Renewal Feb 08 2016/Pastor Tim Bowen

What Are We Saved From Part 4/Jan 31 2016/Pastor Tim  Bowen

What Are We Saved From Part 3/Jan 24 2016/Pastor Tim Bowen

What Are We Saved From Part 2/Jan 17 2016/Pastor Tim Bowen

What Are We Saved From Jan 10 2016/Pastor Tim Bowen


2 thoughts on “Audio

  1. Very well said Tim … good message that we all need to live and learn to live by. I loved your last words in your prayer … because He loves us.

  2. Just listened to your March 22 message.
    It is only when we actually grasp how much God loves us that we can truly begin to love Him and to then begin to fathom his grace to us.
    God’s love for us … hard to go wrong.

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